Valentine’s Day Plush Animals

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day plush animal for that loved one on your list? Stuffed valentines day plush animalsanimals are popular with both kids and adults, and they make great gifts for holidays like Valentines Day. From teddy bears to giraffes and even musical plush animals, there are many cute ones to choose from.

Valentine’s Day Plush Animals

From Webkinz to Gund, Beanie Babies and more, scroll down for some of our favorite Valentines Day stuffed animals that are suitable for any budget. In a hurry? You can also click the following link to browse the entire selection.

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Webkinz Valentine’s Plush Animals

Webkinz are great for kids because each one comes with a secret code for safe online fun at Webkinz World.  There they can take care of their virtual pet, customize their rooms, feed them and more. And even if they decide not to take advantage of Webkinz World, they are still a nice plush to own.

Warning: Not all stuffed animals are suited for young children. After clicking on any of the following stuffed animals be sure to check and see what the age recommendations are.

Webkinz Plush Stuffed Valentine Love Monkey
This adorable monkey is covered with hearts and perfect for Valentine’s Day. It measures 8″x4″x4″.

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Webkinz Limited Edition Love Frog
This adorable frog comes in the same heart pattern as the Love Monkey and measures 7″x5″x7″.

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Webkinz Love Spaniel
This adorable plush dog is adorned with hearts and just perfect for Valentine’s Day. Measures 5″x8.5″ x 7.2″.

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Gund Valentine’s Day Stuffed Animals

Gund is a popular brand of stuffed animal that was founded in 1898 by Adolph Gund. They were sold in 2008 by the popular gift company Enesco.

Gund Philbin Valentine’s Day Teddy Bear
Philbin is an adorable plush teddy bear with a small heart on his chest that would look adorable displayed all year long. He measures 12 inches tall and like all Gund plush, is considered “the world’s most huggable”.  This would defininitely make a great keepsake gift for both children and adults.

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Gund White Dog With Red Heart
This adorable white plush dog is holding a red heart and bow. It measures 5″x5″x5″.

A simple design yet very sweet and huggable.

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Gund Deangelo Valentine’s Day Plush Dog
Gund is an adorable and loveable puppy in brown holding a rose for that special Valentine. Deangelo measures 8.5″x 7″x9″.

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Valentine’s Day Beanie Babies
Ty Beanie Babies have been popular for over two decades that at one time were highly collectible. But even if you didn’t get into the Beanie Baby craze way back in the 90s, you can still enjoy these loveable plush animals that children just love.

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These are just a few examples of the wide variety of Valentine stuffed animals that are available. You can keep it simple or even go a little crazy with a giant stuffed bear or other plush.

Stuffed animals not only make great gifts, but they can be paired with flowers or candy for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift idea. You could even pair an adorable plush with a bottle of wine and chocolates for a romantic gift for the adult on your list.

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