Beados Quick Dry Design Station

Crafts are great for kids. Not only are crafts fun and educational by allowing them to use their imagination and creativity, they are also a welcome relief from this high tech world that we live in. That’s why the Beados Quick Dry Design Station is the perfect craft for kids, and parents love it too since there is no mess involved!

Crafts can be fun but also messy. However, Beados will allow your children to create beautiful works of art with no mess! The set comes with 500 beads as well as six template designs. Completed designs are fused together with a simple spritz of water instead of messy glue. Besides the beads, the Beados Quick Dry Design Station comes with a spray bottle, a fan for drying designs and other accessories for plenty of fun and creativity.

Beados Quick Dry Design StationBeados Theme Pack – Ice Cream TreatsBeados Mega Bead Refill Pack

Now your kids can create fun works of art and dry it in a fraction of the  time. The Beados Quick Dry Design Station is recommended for ages 4-14 but even adults will enjoy creating beautiful designs with the kids.

What’s the between the Beados Quick Dry Station, Starter Pack and Theme Pack?

As you browse through the different Beados activity pack choices you will see that some come with the drying station and some come as starter or theme packs with the Beados and templates. If you want the drying station then you will want to purchase one of the kits that includes it. Then, for future purchases you can simply pick up the theme kits or refills. However, the drying station is not necessary, it simply speeds up the process. The theme packs also do not come with the scoop pens, which aren’t necessary but do make creating designs easier.

The designs are easily created in one try and then spritzed with water and dried with the fan. In no time at all your child can proudly display their work of art. Here is a short video that shows how Beados works. In this video you will see a demonstration of the Beados Gem Designer Studio.


It takes just one spritz of water to fuse the beads together and make them adhere. There are just a few simple steps involved – design, spray, dry and display!

Plenty of Beados Activity Pack Choices to Choose From

The Beados Quick Dry Design Station comes with various templates for a butterfly, ice cream cone, fire truck  and more, with the beads coming in a variety of colors. There are also plenty of other design stations to choose from as well such as the Gem Designer Studio (shown in the video above), as well as the Beados S2 Glitter, which glams up the Beados with sparkly glitter.

Beados S3 Gems Easy Design StudioBeados Theme Pack – Fairy MeadowBeados Theme Pack – Puppies At Play


Kids love the beautiful glitter beads that give their creations that special touch. Also part of the Beados collection is the Beados Exclusive Crystal Quick Dry Design Station, which includes all the storage and quick drying station of the other Beado sets.

 Girls especially will just love all the creative designs that are possible with the glitter and crystal kits. However, the boys will also enjoy creating their own cool and unique designs.

Beados Shopkins Fast Food Diner Activity PackBeados Shopkins Fashion Cuties Activity PackBeados Gem Sunshine Suncatcher Activity Pack

Warning – Choking Hazard

Please note that Beados are meant for children over four years of age and are a choking hazard for younger children.

Other Kits to Choose From

The above kits and starter packs are just a sample of the many Beados activity packs available. You can click the link below for more choices as well as common questions and customer reviews.

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